Pasztor, Erika Katalina | media artist
Budapest, Hungary
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15 years transit | 3 channel videoinstallation | 2004-2006
some more details and technical description
work in collaboration with:
Enikő Orosz
video artist
Attila Dröszler
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curated by Ágnes Koncz and Mihály Vargha
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  The dimensions of the installation [floor-plan]
  Eniko and me during the recording: Eniko wears the crash-helmet equipped with two mini DV cameras.
  technical requirements:
  2 screens [of 3 meter by 2 meter], 1 screen [of 1 meter by 2 meter], 3 DLP projectors, 1 computer with the video streams [running under Linux], 1 amplifier with 5 loudspeakers

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