Pasztor, Erika Katalina | media artist -------- master of Lewis January
Budapest, Hungary
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Erika Katalina Pasztor
If Dogs Could Talk by Vilmos Csányi
One of my 'bestseller' scientist, the Hungarian ethologist Vilmos Csányi's book If Dog Could Talk is avaible on Amazon. It might not be an accident that Lewis January looks similar like the dog on the cover:-)
"Every dog owner knows intuitively that there's something special about the high degree of mutual understanding and empathy that exists between humans and their proverbial best friends. Now, an internationally renowned Hungarian ethologist (a specialist in the scientific study of animal behavior) traces the roots of this unique relationship back to the unusual circumstances in which the two species co-evolved over many millennia."
Csányi, Vilmos: Single-Person Groups and Globalization >>
"One-person human groups living in megasocieties are in continual competition with one another, and that is the source of the astounding creativity of megasocieties. The price of that is a seemingly definitive loss of emotional stability, the appearance of personal values instead of a common scale of values. That may have a particularly serious impact on the stability of the system."
in the Hungarian Quarterly, Autumn 2002
playing in the City Park, Budapest, every morning
Január Lajos / Lewis January
Cindy Vermeulen graphic designer's painting (NL, Amsterdam) of Lewis January in June, 2005 >> Cindy Vermeulen's painting about January

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