Pasztor, Erika Katalina | media artist
Budapest, Hungary
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NoT | Network of Thoughts
Internet application concept development | Identity in social networking
work in collaboration with:
Dóna Fónagy and Anna Dávidházy
[D24 Design]
content development
Judit Z. Halmágyi
[ZHJ Architecture]
content development
Gergely Borgulya
architect, software engineer
software architect
Viktor Kelemen
software designer
interface programming, visualization
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the project will be presented in:
Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin
May 9, 2008 at the
Women and Technology in Networks exhibition
curated by
Tatiana Bazzichelli and Gaia Novati


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NoT personal notes


At the first place NoT is for Me. The NoT is an intelligent note book of ideas, where my wandering thoughts are organised with minimum personal effort. I have extreme shortage of time. NoT helps me to intuitively see my own world in such a frame that brings me face to face with my own thoughts. NoT is an undistorted mirror of my identity. NoT stores my ephemeral thoughts and records my inner development. NoT is for me to be absorbed and clear, to be more conscious and determined to find my own way in this ultimately busy and noisy world. Practically, NoT - at the first place - is my Internet Self.


Secondly, NoT is a filtered social space. The NoT is not open to everyone. It is dedicated to thinkers and creators, who want to inspire and to be inspired, who want to share ideas and worlds with others. NoT is a membership-based club of artists, scientist, technologists, inventors or any sort of creative people. Although I can see all the members of the NoT individually, it makes my idea-mates visible for me by visualizing their thoughts by overlapping mines. Thus NoT, while focusing on the Self, creates intuitive connections between thoughts and people, providing possibilities for the 'similarity of thoughts' based - optional - communication. NoT offers a new way of networking, where personal time considered first. Networking should not be a destination, it is only a tool.
Budapest, 07 March 2008

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