Pasztor, Erika Katalina | media artist
Budapest, Hungary
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NoT | Network of Thoughts
Internet application concept development | Identity in social networking
work in collaboration with:
Dóna Fónagy and Anna Dávidházy
Judit Z. Halmágyi
Gergely Borgulya
Viktor Kelemen
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the project will be presented in:
Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin
May 9, 2008 at the
Women and Technology in Networks exhibition
curated by
Tatiana Bazzichelli and Gaia Novati


supported by:
Technical Requirements and room arrangement
The plan's slideshow

The Network of Thought [NoT] is an internet application currently under development. The full application will be fully accessible on the Internet soon. We hope to reach the condition until May 9, 2008 - when the Hack.Fem.East exhibition opens - that the visitors can try the first version of the application directly in the exhibition space. In case of any technical complication, we decide to create a short tutorial video of the concept and the usage of the software too.

There are 2 projections in the room on the shorter walls opposite. To reach the largest possible screen size, we need about 6,5 meter distance between the beamer and the wall. The projector type is OPTOMA EP1691 or similar [at 6,5 meter distance it projects 273x205 cm with 2500 lumen]. The beamer projecting the NoT interface is placed on the ground in a "Postament" (small case) painted black hiding a DVD player and an amplifier as well. The other projection is a small video about cleaning up personal culture-trash (papers, computer parts, CDs, tapes, etc.). This video has sound and projected on the wall opposite, therefore the beamer and the DVD player must be hanged up to the ceiling. There is a regular writing-table and a chair in the room with a notebook or a desktop computer with an Internet connection. The computer is about Pentium4 with a Mozilla browser installed on it. The computer must be connected to the beamer with a long VGA cable. We need to build a cover wall or folding in front of the inner shorter wall of the room to cover the window. The floor is covered by shiny black agro-foil. Opposite of the entrance of the room, there is a text on the white wall. The walls around the projections are painted black.

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