Pasztor, Erika Katalina | media artist
Budapest, Hungary
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constructing a new social role model of MAN | audiovisual installation [project concept]
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Elisabeth Badinter French feminist philosopher in her "Xy: On Masculine Identity" book (Columbia Press, 1995) states that man must be constructed and our 21st century might be the century of new man, a creation of a new social role model. This project contributes to the research of this transitional period between the old and new masculine role model by creating a spatial audiovisual installation. The project's aim is to show the diversity of this transition in a new way using new tools and possibilities what contemporary communication technologies provide.

This art project is mapping a small but significant part of our social world, combining old and new media, old and new techniques of representation. In my works I'm always looking for new representational methods to express parallel and mutually interlinked, complex processes. In this multifaceted project my goal is to create a temporary space where the duality of personal and its statistically aggregated meta-personal information are able to be experienced simultaneously.

Abel is cooking | fish in the garden of MOME
[October 5, 2005 19:28]

Gender issues in media art mainly focusing on women, although the radical changes in social roles significantly affect men too. What do they think about traditional male roles today or what kind of new roles are emerging in the context of knowledge industries where traditional man power - physical dominancy - remains essential only in few, less honoured social clusters?


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