Pasztor, Erika Katalina | media artist
Budapest, Hungary
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ambient video for the Dante Project, Florence, Italy 2007
ambient video


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"When any of our faculties retains a strong impression of delight or pain, the soul will wholly concentrate on that,

neglecting any other power it has (and this refutes the error that maintains that-one above the other-several souls

can flame in us); and thus, when something seen or heard secures the soul in stringent grip, time moves and yet we do not notice it.

The power that perceives the course of time is not the power that captures all the mind; the former has no force-the latter binds."

Dante: The Comedy / translated by Allen Mandelbaum PURGATORIO CANTO 04

e-mail to Fiamma and Luca Farulli, Florence:

Dear Fiamma and Luca,

In the last 2 years I collected video shots with my mobile phone (PDA) and I made an interactive video installation organizing them into a pseudo semantic video archive in 2006. I have about 3 GB of short mobile shots of very low quality mp4 video in 320x240 pixel size (I love that). I am fascinated by this technology, with the 'always at hand and charged' being of the mobile phone camera, what became a sort of surveillance tool for me to observe my environment.

These videos are records of the contemplation of everyday presence, what has more and more significance since I live in a hurry to achieve, complete, finish, call, send, receive, sell or buy something.... I'm - a technophile media artist :-) - stuck in this counter-media project since October 2004 :-)

I thought that Dante's journey somehow resembles to mine, traveling through a world of abstract phenomena to fight or coop with, while happiness sought for so much may lay under this 'highly abstract' scene of codes, contracts, concepts etc. in evidences like I record day by day (people, dog, park, 'just being' alone or together etc.). I think this video might work well as an ambient for PURGATORIO / LA DIVINA COMMEDIA :-)*

------------- the video >>*

Now I put the videos together into a screen divided into 9 segments. I used the videos I recorded in between October 2004 and May 2005. I put the videos in chronology onto the screen. All videos have different lengths. When one video finishes, I put the next one in chronology on its place. This very simple rule creates a strange composition of simultaneity and dramaturgy in time.

*My short CV and more detailed CV available here*>>-------------------------------*

Kind regards, have a wonderful May in Florence!

Love, e

April 25, 2007 Budapest

The power that perceives the course of time is not the power that captures all the mind; the former has no force-the latter binds.





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