Pasztor, Erika Katalina | media artist
Budapest, Hungary | contact: perika[at] | (+36) 30 9844 446 | skype: erika.pasztor
she is involved in architecture and media art culture, and - as an artist - in communication art projects. She is one of the founder (2000) of She currently works as an independent artist / researcher and as an art & architecture related journalist.
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Storygenerator Public Interludes 15 years tranzit Reality Resonance Verba / signa Popularia
Public Interludes
15 years transit
Reality Resonance
Verba|Signa Popularia (2007-2008)
new visualization approach of film dramaturgy
simulation concept of city development based on the social inter-player's motivation patterns three channel video installation about architecture and architects interactive video installation of pseudo semantic video archive of mobile-phone videos visualization of e-mail archive's and intranet's dynamic data on large scale, custom designed LED display [Corvinus University, Budapest]
dante project NoT MAN-KIND    
video ambient for the Dante project, Florence (2007) Network of Thoughts (NOT)
concept (2008)
- under development
MAN-KIND installation concept (2008) - under development    
video ambient for the Dante project performed in the Palazzo Strozzi identity in social networking Internet application concept and development video installation - construction of the new social role model of MAN    
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  Kitchen and some add-ons [2007]
  Media and architecture - DLA/PhD thesis, short version [2007]
  Spicy little thing from Hungary [2005]
  Architecture is a cultural issue - interview with Aaron Betsky [2003]
  Retro-synthesis | the logic of media in architecture [2003]

Delphic retro - In memoriam Doug Michels [2003]

  Electronic monuments Video installations of Minette Vári and Nalini Malini at the World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam [2003]
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contact: perika[at] | (+36) 30 9844 446 | skype: erika.pasztor